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Okay what was your last post about?
jesterjessie jesterjessie Said:

I’m guessing this was sent about the post about Glee, and not the one about Emma Watson crushing on Wills…

The official Glee twitter account tweeted earlier this evening that ‘Before Brittana and Samcedes there was Bram’. It’s just another sign of TPTB at Glee not actually paying attention to their own show - both Brittana and Samcedes first appeared in S2, while Bram didn’t appear until S4. It’s just really, really sloppy by the show runners. You’d think that, given that this is there last season, they’d be trying hard to make everything perfect…

… Do they not watch their own show?

It never fails to make me smile that Santana went to Mike and had him teach her all of Brittany’s dance parts just so she could do ‘Valerie’ properly.

karmyarmycaptain wanted a Brittana version of this post, so I scribbled a little ficlet down. Enjoy!


"Has she got her shinpads?"

"Yes, baby."

"What about her water bottle? She forgot to take it to training this week."

"Yes, she has her water bottle. And an extra one in her sports bag."

"And her jacket, she needs her jacket. The forecast said it might rain later."

She laughed, rolling her eyes at her wife. “This isn’t the first time I’ve taken her to a match, y’know?”

"I know, I know… I just can’t believe I’m not allowed to go and watch her play. Who even knew you could get banned from watching your daughter’s under-13 team?"

"I’m pretty sure you couldn’t until you gave them a reason to start…"

"Whatever, I’m not that bad."

She said nothing, merely quirked her eyebrow. 

"Don’t give me that look, I’m not."

"Babe, three weeks ago you followed the referee back to clubhouse growling because he hadn’t given our team a penalty."

"Yeah, but…"

"And the week before that you kept shouting that the referee must have been taking bribes because there was no way someone could genuinely miss so many fouls."

"Well, I mean…"

"And the week before that you stormed onto the pitch and screamed at the ref for letting that ‘tiny sadist’ hurt your baby girl. Poor kid nearly wet himself."

"It was a pretty brutal challenge. I still think there’s a case for assault there."

She shook her head, smirk playing over her lips as she opened her mouth to further tease her wife, but she was interrupted by their daughter bounding into the kitchen. 

"Come on, Mami, you said we were going to leave ten minutes ago. We’re taking oranges this week, remember, and we still need to go and buy some…" 

"You heard the girl," she grinned, turning back to her wife. "We better go. Be good," she added as she leant up to kiss her goodbye. "No trying to sneak into the ground in a disguise."

"That was one time," Brittany mumbled as she slumped back against the kitchen cupboard, pink splattered across her cheeks. 

Santana’s eyes twinkled with amusement as she pressed another quick kiss to Brittany’s lips before she followed her daughter’s impatient shouts out to the car. 

"She’s going to try and sneak in again, isn’t she?" Alexa asked as soon as the car started to move. 

Santana snorted. “Almost definitely.”