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… Do they not watch their own show?

Remember in Blame It On The Alcohol when Bram kissed? Yes, it was just a kiss, but it DID come before both Brittana AND Samcedes. So yes, Bram WAS canon first.


… Oh, wait, you’re being serious, aren’t you? Oh, sweetie, no, don’t even try and claim that Bram preceded Brittana.

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We will die. Brittany will wear a tuxedo like dress and suspenders, and Santana will be a super stickler for tradition and wear her mom's wedding dress. Except it's all lace and tiny buttons, and her hands are shaking so hard that she can't get them done, and then at the very last second, her abuela comes in, and doesn't say a word, just starts buttoning her up, and just sort of whispers how beautiful she is, before slipping out and sitting in the front row.
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Santana is even more of a mess after that, Quinn will come in and warn her that shes going to smudge her makeup if she starts crying. Santana will nod her head but continue to sniffle because this is the most important day of her LIFE and her Abuela is here, at her wedding, her wedding to Brittany. And oh my god Brittany, she’s going to be her wife! Wives, it’s a word she didn’t dare to hope for when she was broody and 15, but she still wanted it with every single piece of her. Now she’s standing here looking in the mirror and she hears a tap on the door. Brittany almost opens it before Santana presses herself against it and yelps “Britt you can’t come in, you can’t see me before the wedding!” 

Brittany giggles and says she knows and that Mike tied a blindfold around her eyes so that she couldn’t see. She hears the affirmation from Mike from somewhere in the hallway. Quinn comes over with the scarf she had in her purse and ties it around Santana’s head. Once they’re both sufficiently blindfolded, the door opens a bit more and they gravitate towards each other like magnets. 

"I just wanted to give you one more kiss. It’s almost time and i just needed one more." 

"Britt," Santana replies bashfully with a soft smile. She leans in and ends up kissing Brittany’s nose because she can’t see a damn thing. They’re both giggling by the time they find each others mouths and they feel the smile in their kisses. This is what the rest of their lives will be. Laughter, Smiles, Love, and Happiness. 

They hold the kiss for longer than they’d planned, but neither Quinn, nor Mike, has the heart to break them apart. They look beautiful, and so, so happy, and for two people who have watched their struggles and heartbreak from the very beginning, it’s actually mesmerizing.

It’s Santana’s father’s guffaw that finally draws them out of their little bubble. While Brittany is all cheeky smirks, Santana’s cheeks burn, as if she isn’t ten minutes from being Mrs. Pierce-Lopez, as if her father has never seen them kiss before.

"I love you." Brittany breathes into Santana’s ear one last time, and Santana repeats the words back to her.

"Come on, Britt." Mike urges her on, and she slowly separates herself from Santana.

"See you out there, Papi." She grins, turning in the general direction of Santana’s father, before letting Mike lead her back out, and Santana burns in a different way, heart fluttering at what Brittany said, realizing, really realizing, that though they’ve felt that way for more years than they can count, from the moment they say "I do," they’re family, truly family, in every sense of the word.

"It’s time," she hears Quinn whisper in her ear, "Let’s go see your bride." 

She squeals, like full on teenybopper at a 1D concert squeals. 

"Oh my god, i’m getting married. I’M GETTING MARRIED!"

She hears the wedding march start and she stills, tears springing to her eyes. 

"I’m marrying her, Quinn. Finally" she whispers.

"You are. But if you don’t hurry, youre going to miss it," she comments with a bright smile. 

They shuffle out of the room to meet Santana’s father.

She looks up at him and he gives her a watery smile, “You look beautiful honey.”

Santana blushes, “Thank you, Papi.”

"Are you nervous?"

She smiles wistfully, “No, I’ve been waiting for this moment for as long as i can remember.”

When the doors open, Santana holds her father’s arm tightly. She feels this incredible lightness within her, all from the pure joy of marrying the love of her life, that she’s absolutely certain that if she doesn’t grasp him, she’ll absolutely float away. For just an instant, she needs to squeezeher eyes shut, needs to gain a hold of her emotions, or she’s sure she will ignore the cadence of the wedding march and go sprinting across the room.

When she opens them again, there, across the room, is Brittany, standing beside her father. As their eyes lock, deep brown on crystal blue, both sets of orbs brim with the deepest of emotions, and Santana knows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, for the first time, that every ounce of pain and suffering they’d gone through, every obstacle that stood in their way, was worth it when it all led to this eventuality.

"Brittany." Santana mouths, though she’s sure she’s probably not supposed to do that. Still though, she’s awestruck, certain that she is on the verge of passing out as the woman she loves stands there in bridal white, squirming a little bit, she can tell, impatient, so she just can’t help herself. "You’re beautiful."

"You’re one to talk, you goof." Brittany lips back, corners of her mouth curling up in adoration, just as those familiar notes begin to play, urging them both to begin the final leg of a very long journey toward their forever.

It feels like it takes forever to get to the altar, even though the aisle is only like 15 feet long. Soon enough, they’re standing there facing each other with the dopiest smiles on. Brittany looks stunning, her dress is white and her suspenders are black and the detail on front of the dress acts as a mock tux. Santana smiles at her because it sounds ridiculous but she pulled it off flawlessly, just like she always does. She really is perfect

She’s trying really hard to pay attention to what the officiant is saying but all she can hear is the blood rushing in her ears and all she can see is blue. She tunes back in just in time to hear her asking for their vows. They’d both agreed that they wanted to write their own, it seemed more intimate and it meant that they both could say exactly what they wanted to say. But they’d kept them a secret from each other so that they would have the full effect.  

It hadn’t taken Santana very long to write hers because she spent a great number of years writing down your feelings about Brittany, especially when she couldn’t voice them out loud yet. Her vows came so easily that she panicked thinking that hadn’t taken enough time and “Oh my god what if i forget something?” But in the end, she knew that even if she did forget something, she’d have her entire life to make up for it.

"Hi." Santana could think of no better way to begin than in the same soft way that she’d spoken the first time she had ever told Brittany that she was in love with her, and almost immediately feels tears wet her cheeks and clog her throat. Comfortingly, reassuringly, Brittany squeezes her hands, and without words, tells her the words are just for them, and that she can take all the time in the world.

"Brittany, my best friend, my one true love, my soulmate. Once upon a time, I was a scared little girl. I was so terrified about the way I felt for you, because all I thought I ever wanted was to fit in, to be like everyone else. Then, you told me how much better things were with feelings, and slowly, really, really slowly, you opened my eyes to something I had been shutting out. You, with all of your patience and care, made me realize that being different could be something so special, because it meant having you, and being loved, and loving back, that was so much more important than anything else." Santana choked out a sob, and Brittany brought a hand to her face, rubbing her thumb over the apple of her cheek.

"Once upon a time, we let each other go. We did the hardest thing we ever had to do, and we walked away from a love that was supposed to last forever, and we walked toward an uncertain future. I think that as awful as it was, that was what brought us here today. We learned to live without each other, we learned to grow, and we learned the world. And I know, in my time away from you, I learned for sure that you were my very, very best thing. Coming back to you was like coming home, and that’s where I want my home to be forever, with you by my side. I love you, Brittany Susan, I love you with all that I am, and all that I’ll ever be. Loving you is like breathing, and standing here, in front of our families, and the people who have become our family, I want to make you a promise. I promise you that I’ll protect you, and cherish you, and love you, every day, for the rest of my life. Today, Britt-Britt, that’s when our happily ever after begins. I know that sometimes it won’t be easy, that sometimes I’ll be stubborn, and you’ll have to coax me out of my shell. I know sometimes we’ll fight, and sometimes it’ll take us days to make up, but I know, standing here and looking into your eyes, that everything, everything will always be worth it. You and I, we are worth it."

"Oh my God, that’s a tough act to follow," Brittany commented with a watery laugh. The room went up in brief laughter. 

"Hi, San," she paused to press a kiss to the hand that was still on her cheek. "When we first met, I thought you were the most beautiful girl i’d ever seen, and that hasn’t changed. I remember running home after school and spending what felt like hours telling my mom all about the "really pretty girl with the pigtails" that was in my class. I’ve loved you for over a decade and I’ve always known we would get here somehow. It was hard to keep that hope alive for a while, things were so disconnected and we were so far away but i did, and i know you did too. But even when we were far apart, i never stopped loving you. I knew it would take time, and we made it baby. We made it.

Santana, you have always been and will always be my forever. I promise to fill our lives with love and laughter, even on the days when we’re upset with each other. I promise to never take you for granted. There will be times when things will get hard, but i will remember these vows and remember that we’ve made it this far and together we can do anything. Santana Lopez, i’m so yours, Proudly So.” 

Santana knows that they’re not supposed to kiss yet, there are the rings still, and the whole “by the power vested in me” thing, but she doesn’t care, it’s her wedding day, and she can do whatever it is that she wants. After Brittany’s words, she just needs to feel her, just for an instant, and quickly, she brushes her lips over her almost-wife’s, feeling Brittany’s humming laugh as she does it.

Turning to Quinn then, while Brittany turns to Mike, Santana takes the ring in her possession, and almost immediately snatches Brittany’s hands back up. She’s eager, totally eager, and it doesn’t even embarrass her.

"With this ring, I thee wed, and with all I am, and all I have, I honor you." Brittany speaks first this time, slipping the ring above Santana’s diamond, then wiggling her own ring finger when Santana’s turn comes.

Santana is somber, deliberate, as she slides the ring down the hand she’ll hold forever, the only hand she ever wanted to hold anyway, and before she knows it, the woman officiating is pronouncing them legally wed.

Without a second’s hesitation, Santana takes Brittany in her arms, bringing their lips together, and dipping her right in front of their entire audience. If she hadn’t been so wrapped up in her first kiss as a married woman, as Santana Pierce-Lopez, she would have heard all that went on around them. The teasing wolf-whistles, the crying, the clapping, and maybe, more important than all, the quietest sound of all, her abuela leaning over to whisper in her mother’s ear.

"They really are a beautiful couple."


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Okay what was your last post about?
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I’m guessing this was sent about the post about Glee, and not the one about Emma Watson crushing on Wills…

The official Glee twitter account tweeted earlier this evening that ‘Before Brittana and Samcedes there was Bram’. It’s just another sign of TPTB at Glee not actually paying attention to their own show - both Brittana and Samcedes first appeared in S2, while Bram didn’t appear until S4. It’s just really, really sloppy by the show runners. You’d think that, given that this is there last season, they’d be trying hard to make everything perfect…

… Do they not watch their own show?

It never fails to make me smile that Santana went to Mike and had him teach her all of Brittany’s dance parts just so she could do ‘Valerie’ properly.